Benefits for Inflammation.


Natures Comfort Benefits for Inflammation

The majority of chronic conditions are a result of inflammation in the body from oxidative stress, exposure to toxins, like pollution or industrial chemicals and toxins in food like Glyphosate the common weed killer who’s use should be banned. Vital pathways become aggravated over time as we consume the wrong foods filled with sulphates, phosphates, stabilizers, and emulsifiers which all packaged food contain. Further, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, and stress all contribute to inflammation which ends up, over time, causing the body to be out of balance. Our Natures Comfort Oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties from the influence on the TRPV1 receptor which mediates inflammation pathways in the cells.

How To Use Natures Comfort for Inflammation

OIL: 1/4 dropper under the tongue in the am and 1/4 dropper in the pm for 3 days. If the inflamed area / pain has not reduced, increase to 1/2 full dropper am and pm and continue to increase by ¼ dropper every 3-5 days until the condition improves.

GUMMY: ½ gummy in the am and ½ gummy in the pm. Or you can take one gummy 30 minutes prior to bedtime to help with deep sleep and recovery.

Each person’s dose is unique to their metabolism. You may also drop some directly onto the area that is inflamed to use it topically right on the area of discomfort. The natural molecules are small enough to soak through the dermis of the skin and go to work directly on the area of inflammation.



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