Benefits for Eczema.


Natures Comfort Benefits for Eczema

Eczema is the name for a group of inflammatory skin conditions that cause itchiness, dry skin, rashes, scaly patches, blisters and skin irritation. Eczema comes and goes over time. It shows up as very dry and sensitive skin, and can be made worse by exposure to many things, including allergens such as pet dander or dust mites. Other frequent triggers include cosmetics, soaps, detergents and lotions with heavy fragrances.

The extracts in our Natures Comfort Oil are highly anti-bacterial, antifungal, and anti- inflammatory so they can assist the body with the production of cytokines including interleukins (ILs) and TNF-α, and other natural growth factors, of which platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) is perhaps the most important for healing. The key to any skin irritation whether from allergies or even auto-immune conditions is to reduce the irritation internally or externally from the histamine response which is just the body trying to heal in its own way. Our product works on all skin conditions.

How To Use Natures Comfort for Eczema

OIL: 1/4 dropper under the tongue in the am and 1/4 dropper in the pm for 3 days. If the inflamed area has not reduced, increase to 1/2 dropper am and pm and continue to increase by ¼ dropper every 3-5 days until the condition improves. You can also drop some directly onto the area that is inflamed to use it topically right on the area of the rash and discomfort. The natural molecules are small enough to soak through the dermis of the skin and go to work directly on the area of inflammation, as well as within.

GUMMY: ½ gummy in the am and ½ gummy in the pm. Or you can take one gummy 30 minutes prior to bedtime to help with deep sleep and recovery.

NOTE: Because Eczema is partially auto immune and while it shows up on the skin, the cause resides inside your body so best results are to use both sublingual under the tongue and directly on the skin topically. So the oil or Gummies will help.



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